AP Real Estate Photography brings its best foot forward in producing great quality photographs to help sell a house. Pictures sell houses. Photographs bring people to the the door. We are also offering video services to help push high-end homes, commercial property, and ranches as well.

Exterior Photography

the first impression is the most IMPORTANT

The chances are that this is the first image most people will see when either looking at your portfolio or property images in a real estate window. The outside is everything; it is what determines, in most cases, whether people wish to look at the rest of a property.

Interior Photography

Come in and see something amazing

I describe my approach as using the inside elements: furniture, windows, and room layout, to create visual flow. I generally try to avoid composing something large in the foreground that prevents the eye from flowing through the room.

Aerial Video Virtual Tours

There is nothing like a birds eye view

We are able to capture amazing images to accent your properties & media events providing drone based photography.

Video Virtual Tours

SOMETHING breathtaking is about to happen

We can create a live HD Video of your property using the latest video technology, or we can take your magazine-quality images and produce a YouTube video for your channel.