Pictures are worth a millions words! 

From Personal experiences I can 100% say photos are on the the single most important part of getting house recognition and attention needed to make a quick sell to make a happy client and real estate agent.

I do traditional virtual tours but have brought a new spin on the real estate marketing side of selling houses, commercial property, and recreational land as well.  I have taken my knowledge of real estate and many years of producing videos and combined them for a creative way to display real estate. It's taking a virtual tour to a new level and I'm on the verge of working with google to expand from google maps to adding residential, commercial, and other property tours available by the click of a button. Photographs and videos are great marketing tools for many reasons: produces a great deal of traffic through the internet, better understanding of what the property offers, and a professional looking touch!

AP Real Estate Photography and Video

Professional Photography

  • The use of a professional photographer with the right tools can bring the essence of a home for sale to life. Our editing process brings the photographs to a new level of quality and allow potential buyers to get a better grasp of what the home has to offer.

How long does it take to get my pictures and tours completed?

  • At AP Real Estate Photography we pride ourselves not only on our quality of work but our quick response and turnaround time on all photos, videos, and virtual tours. Our goal is to have your project back to you next day. Videos take longer but our goal is to have a 48 hour turn around with those projects.

Aerial Point of View

  • With new technology we are also able to take aerial photography and videos.

For your Convenience

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